Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Brother/ Big Sister

It's late what do you think is happening with me?
I can't sleep!! and when I do get comfy, the baby moves and then I need to get up to go potty...again! Just the joys of pregnancy

We are at 29 weeks!! Getting closer to the end. When I say that I am due in October, it seems SO FAR away...but thinking that I only have 11 weeks left (give or take a few)...makes it seem SO MUCH closer!

The only sad part about having another baby is that now Lily is NOT my baby..and she reminds me constantly. While lying on the bed today, Lily climbed up to listen to Baby Weia (she says it with a 'w' sound instead of the 'L' sound for Leia). So, I asked Lily if she was my baby girl and responded with "No, baby Weia is. I'm your big girl now!" Lily has also told me that she is ready to be a "big brother" and Kota is ready to be a "big sister"...Yes! she has them a bit mixed up..but she knows what is happening in the near future.

Guess what we got tonight?! RAIN!!! yes, that was a bit random...but had to share.

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