Friday, July 15, 2011

What a week!

I've got my "eye" on you!

It's been quite a week here...the heat is so intense. I'm trying to remember if the heat would be still be this bad even if I wasn't pregnant..but I know it probably would be. The kids don't last but about 10 minutes at the park in this heat. Usually they are crying when it's time to leave and this week, they are whining to just go home!

I had my 26 wk appointment this week...including the "wonderful" (note my sarcasm here) 3 hour glucose test. And the results are test came back abnormal... :( Meaning they are diagnosing me with Gestational Diabetes this time around. I was borderline with Lily...and I am just above borderline with Leia. I'm so paranoid about what I eat. I don't want to do anything to hurt the baby...or make this baby super big. If you've read headlines or watched the news, there was a 16 lb baby born at our local hospital...his mother had GD. That headline enough has me worried. I see the a different doctor for a diet plan to follow next Friday. Nervous? yes! I guess gone are my late night snacks of fudgsicles for the next 13 weeks! :(

Leia on the other hand has been moving around ALOT more in the last 2 days. Yesterday, Dakota was sitting beside me and I told him that his sister was kicking me...I put his hand on my belly, and she kicked him a few times. His face was pure bliss...too bad I didn't have my camera ready to capture that Kodak moment. The excitement was totally worth mommy getting beat up from the inside. Kota says that his sister likes him...only because she wouldn't really kick when Lily put her hand on my belly. She did kick at her this morning when Lily and I were lying on the couch watching, I think she likes her a little bit :)

cooling off after riding his bike around the park

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