Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O Christmas Tree!

Our tree is up!
I did have another tree up, but Dakota has fallen into the tree at least 3 times in the last week...the 2nd fall started the tree to leaning. We figured it was the stand, so we replaced it...nope, now leaning more..then he fell into it again (no! he doesn't play hard..he was just trying to redecorate the tree by standing on the armrest of the couch and down he went!)
Thanks to Grandma...she found another tree for us..and it's GORGEOUS!! nice and full. This tree had to be fluffed (which in my opinion is the HARDEST job EVER!)

But the fluffing is done...definitely worth it now that the tree is standing pretty. It gives the living room a cozy feel.

This year, we've added the Fisher Price Little People Nativity set. This is our 1st nativity set EVER and the great part is the kids can play with it :) Definitely recommend this for families with small children. I find you learn and remember more when it's hands on.

Another tip I wanted to share is Scent Sticks...you can find them at Walmart. They will make your artificial tree smell like a real tree :)

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Annie said...

I like the nativity.