Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 Lily (and Leia) are constantly into Dakota's Legos. It never fails. No matter where I hide them, they are in them. I'm hoping once we have the garage finished and Dakota has his own room, that maybe, just maybe the girls will play with their own toys and not Dakota's.

 Popcorn is an all time FAVORITE snack in our house...and Leia LOVES it. She can't shove it in fast enough. She'll thank me for this picture one day. I just know it ;)

Lily LOVES to color on anything. She's colored on her siblings, walls, books (that aren't for coloring), bunkbeds, sheets..oh! you get the picture. So, when she actually colors on papers, we get excited!! Here is her latest piece of artwork just moments after stamping her sister with a blue stamp on the forehead...AHHHH!

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