Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A few thoughts over coffee ♥

When at the dentist yesterday, I was both shocked and amazed that life flies by.
I was asked when was a specific tooth last filled...shockingly, I think it was 15 or so years ago!!
It seems like just yesterday that I was in high school and the responsibility was all on my parents. Back then, I yearned for adulthood. I wanted to be out of the house and making my own path. (Boy, was I silly!) 

Crazy how a few *cough cough* years make a BIG difference on your thinking.

These days, I have one child looking to me for insight on a great 50's outfit. (50th day of school) Another child wants only mommy's attention while she gets dressed and ready for school. And the other child is just running crazy using her body as a musical instrument...and not everything was in perfect tune ;) Thanks to the oldest for teaching her these great talents.

I always saw myself as being wife and mommy. I went to Bible college and majored in education (that was what girls were doing 13 years education major would help if you didn't find someone during college. Yes! I went to college to find a man... lol)
I'm now seeing that the teaching classes are paying off. It's been YEARS since I was in kindergarten and 2nd grade. Having a refresher course in college is helping me with projects, homework, and evening reading. 

 Disguising turkey project 2013--- Holiday turkey

Disguising turkey project 2013--Chima (Lego) turkey

I did meet my husband in college....well, at a college sponsored trip. We attended the same church and ended up on a Mission's trip to New Orleans. We chatted almost the whole bus ride back from New Orleans. Then he asked me out a few weeks later. I agreed. He was, as he will tell you, a courtesy date. It wouldn't hurt me to go on at least 1 date with him...give him a shot. Well, look what happened from a courtesy date!!! Just over 9 years married with 3 adorable children. Life kinda falls into place. I knew I wanted to be a wife and mommy, but I never knew how it would all come about. 

All this rambling about life from one question at the dentist. Crazy...or maybe it's the pain meds?!?!
This impending root canal has my thoughts on rewind and fast forward...haha
I'll go back to cartoons and sipping coffee with the Little Chickie now.


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