Monday, November 4, 2013 I even need this reminder???

Today, I got this email for my 25 month old Toddler. It was titled "Independence". Sometimes these e-newsletters are a hit or miss, but this one was spot on.
Oh, Little Chickie is during into Miss Independent. We have been doing GREAT with potty training. Only a few accidents here and there. The other day she napped in panties and stayed dry!! 
Here's the excerpt from the e-newsletter:

  "Has your two-year-old started to exert her independence? Were talking about stomping, screaming, and defying and all those other frustrating (and totally normal for this age) behaviors. Two-year-olds are possibly the most stubborn, self-centered creatures on earth. They want what they want, when they want it -- usually, right now! Hang in there, mama. The good news is that your childs stubborn streak means shes going through a ton of cognitive growth. She now understands that shes a separate person who can make things happen in the world. And eventually, things will get less, um, dramatic."

 "Independent era"

This weekend was a fun relaxing one for the family. We slept in and then ventured out to the lake. It was a windy day...perfect for kite flying. The dollar store kites flew the best. The hubby had found some Star Wars 3D kites on sale way back when. We decided to try them out. The kite took a little longer to put together. It looked pretty cool but it wasn't gusty enough to get it up off the ground. We can't be accused of not trying, though. 
After our kiting experience, we got the bikes out and took off on the trail. The big kids road while Little Chickie, the hubby, and I walked. Perfect weather for a perfect day. 


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