Thursday, November 14, 2013

Frost, teeth, and life

Oh, what a crazy life we live. 
It seems to get crazier as time goes by. But it's a good acquired crazy.
 We had our 1st frost of the season. The kiddos were super excited squealing about how Jack Frost visited last night!! And Dakota was excited about being able to see his breath. He said "Mom, I never knew my breath was white." as he blows out his breath to show me. This quick witted mother replied back with "It's only white when you're teeth are brushed. If you tried this before you brushed your teeth, it would be green." I hope he doesn't hold me to was before coffee for

 Moving to our middle child...
She is doing great in school. Great report for Miss Lily from the 1st 9 weeks of school. YAY! 
Lately, she was complaining about her tooth hurting, so I took her to see the dentist. We recently found out that we have somewhat fabulous dental insurance (for preventive procedures and some other things). Well, I knew the visit wouldn't be great news. Lily has always had terrible teeth. We brush, she brushes...still the same issues...soft brittle teeth. And cavities seem to build colonies in her teeth no matter what we do. She had almost all of her teeth fixed just after she turned 2 years old. Since then, she's lost her 2 front teeth when she slipped and fell shortly after that dental procedure. Good news!! they should make their grand appearance around Christmas time. 
All that to say, we are having her teeth fixed this Wednesday. In order to get it done the easiest/quickest way, they are doing it all at once at the hospital (again). I hope this will help. But after researching it, she could have to do this all over again when she's older. I hope I'm wrong. But if anyone has any insight, I'm all ears.

 Our oldest is getting back into Legos. A friend gave me this super comfy rug for Dakota's room and it gives him the perfect place to play. ♥ He is doing fabulously in school. Loves to go to school. Lately, he's taking up drawing. He likes to watch the extras on animated movies...just to see how to draw that specific character. He did a pretty good drawing of Turbo (the snail). I'll have to post a pic of that soon.

And this adorable cutie, the youngest child, has hit the terrible 2's stage. It's almost as if she's bi-polar. Happy one minute, and furious the next. We are working on expressing emotions...boy! it gets to be trying at times. Potty training is kinda hit or miss with her as well. It will all happen in time. I'll take the smiles and "rock a baby's" for now. She's already growing up so fast as it is.

That's a little peek into our crazy lives. 

I'm super excited for Thanksgiving and Lily's birthday. It's gonna be a fun week..once we get over this hump of the dentist stuff. Say a prayer for Lilyann next Wednesday.

-enJoy ♥

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