Sunday, March 30, 2014

Visit with the sisters ♥

I'm coming off the high from a family visit. Three of older sisters came west to visit their two little sisters (Marg and myself). It was perfect!!
The big kids still went to school. So, I had each day to spend with my sisters. We went window shopping, browsing through Target, cruising the Loop, took a trip to the zoo, introduced one sister to the infamous Louisiana Boardwalk, posed with Duck Dynasty cut outs, unsuccessfully caught a trolley (hahahaha!!), and just enjoyed life. It was fun to give my sisters a little Texas time.

I don't know which time I enjoyed more...I think the whole week was wonderful! I did enjoy having sisters here to pass on the responsibilities. One afternoon, I partook in a glorious nap during the pick up time for my big kids (thanks to 2 teacher sisters who wanted to "surprise" the big kids). I love that my older sister is so versatile. She'll jump on the trampoline with the kiddos or fold all my laundry. What What!!! 

I'm hoping the high of a family visit will linger til summer vacation.....when I get to visit them!! YAY!!

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