Friday, March 14, 2014

Just laugh

I really enjoy spending time with family. While I love just having time to chill all by myself, spending time with those you love is almost equal. It's almost just as refreshing/rejuvenating. You get to sharing about all that's happening in your lives, then the giggles start....which are soon followed by the belly laughs. If anything, it's the healthiest thing that families can do together. Just laugh.

I love to laugh. I use this reason for burns calories :) Win Win!
I love how laughing makes me feel. 
Laughing helps me appreciate life.
I know I haven't laughed enough when I start picking at this or that. 

One of my favorite things is to laugh. It's right up there with drinking coffee, reading, and taking short walks with the kiddos (and you thought I was going to say "taking long walks on the beach"..Haaahaa!).
If you want to do something that benefits you and all those you come in contact with...just laugh! Laugh with them..preferably not at them. Laugh over the silly things that happen. Laugh when life gets tough. Laugh when life is easy. And if you want to, you can laugh about this silly blog post. My feelings won't be hurt.


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