Thursday, March 6, 2014


Random thoughts would fly in for a bit.....and zoom right back out. Sometimes, I feel like my mind is on fast forward. Then when I finally get a chance to sit down sans children, I try to rewind...but as you can imagine, I have nothing.

I do remember the few moments stamped into my memory of today.
*Being completely amazed that Leia ate all her toast and some of her eggs...only to find the toast ripped into pieces and floating in the potty. Glorious! The entire roll of toilet paper was conveniently unrolled and lying in a haphazard pile.
*Leia's sweet voice while singing along with Veggie Tales
*Lily's eyes when she saw me sitting in the crowd of parents at her Music Program
*Dakota's smile when his teacher said he was doing great in school. "A kind, truthful boy." I have to admit...that part made me smile just as big. ♥

It's crazy all the things that fly through my head throughout the day. I'm always thinking "wow, that's a good one. I need to write that down." Well, I usually get sidetracked and they slip my mind. But for the ones that become stamped in my memories, I'll take the bouts of  "sometimers". I guess the ones that really matter are the ones you can remember. ♥


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