Monday, June 30, 2014

Reminding myself of the Good

What makes me smile? children waking up smiling.
...fresh, hot coffee.
...realizing my husband put the trash cans at the road on trash day.
...seeing my youngest feed herself.
...finding matching socks. :) yeah, I'm a weird one.
...singing along with kids to the music in the car.
...seeing a decrease on the scale (knowing you splurged over the weekend)!! Hallelujah!
...watching my oldest having a deep conversation with his friend.
...nap time.
...hearing my youngest sing her ABC's in whatever order she wants.
...listening to my middle child speed sing her ABC's
...random giggles
...talks over dinner.
...trips to Target ♥
...hugs from my kiddos even after a positively stressful day...with them.
...knowing my family is happy, healthy, and loved.

It was a stressful day today. 2 girls with clashing personalities. One trying to outdo the other..vying for my attention. I felt pulled in all different directions. Physically and emotionally drained. I didn't know whether I needed sleep, prayer, or more coffee. But I know that I needed something.
Each day is fresh and new. More often than not, I'm waking up as Mary Poppins and closing out the day as Cruelle DeVille. It's crazy how that happens. But know this...tomorrow, I'll wake up as Mommy/Mom/MOOOOOOOM! and end my day the same. I'll strive to instill at least one good thing in my children. Whether it's to find the good in the sibling that seems to constantly get under their skin or to actually pick up their stuff. 
I may feel stressed. But I am truly blessed. God gave me these 3 adorably crazy children. Wow! I'm honored. One day they'll realize that it's a day by day, breath by breath action. We are learning together. 

Now...I'm off to refresh and recharge. I've got 3 little minds to mold tomorrow. With God's help, it will be successful!


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