Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday happenings

Well, it's Monday again.
And the kiddos (girls, mainly) are acting as if Monday defines their attitudes. It's one of those "how many days til vacation" types of day. I'm counting down now....10 days to go. Vacation to visit my family. The best part, Jed and I are taking a little time for ourselves. We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary. And when we get to Florida, the kids are staying with family and we're heading out on our getaway!!! 
I think I'm more excited to be kid free than anything!!! 

Knowing it was our 10 year anniversary coming up (this was back around the first of the year), we decided to take some of our income tax return and use it for improvement. Usually, we use it to improve something on the house. But this year, we purchased a gym membership for the family (1 year worth). We were ready to improve ourselves. Working out and eating healthy. Guess what?!?! in the last 5 months, Jed's dropped 20 lbs!!! (super excited and proud of my husband) and I've dropped 25 lbs!!! I love that we are doing this definitely makes it easier. Another reason for vacation, we get to splurge just a little. Eat some yummy food (still healthy, though). I've seen a bit of change in the kids as well. Oh, we still eat fun kid foods. But more water and healthier snacks have been added. Kids are more active and they love going to the gym with me. I'm so glad the gym has offered classes for just the kids. It makes them feel important...especially when they can do push ups along with us. :)

I had a few moments while the youngest is napping, thanks for listening to my ramblings. Off to make dinner and wake up the youngest. 

Happy Monday. (this is the coffee talking, lol)

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