Thursday, July 31, 2014

Words over coffee...

Rain in TEXAS?!?!?
yes, I'm just as shocked as you are. Usually at this time of summer, the landscape has a nice earthy tone aka variations of brown. But we are still green and sporting nice size puddles. Our backyard might finally recover from the drought of 2011.
Rainy days make me want to sip hot coffee while reading a good book or watching a good movie. But my schedule calls for a few hot sips in between refereeing the children at breakfast. And later enjoying cold coffee while you dress up Minnie Mouse while watching a re-run of Sofia the First. Usually it's easier to just give in to the children and let them play the Wii while I "supervise" on the couch (my secret's out!!)

Yes, that's my kind of morning. :) don't worry, I slipped in a bit of housework between cartoons and coffee sips.

Since I last posted, we've accomplished our vacation. 10 days away from home with 3 children....that will try your patience. Thankfully, my wonderful sisters (and Debbie, gotta give her a shout out) helped carry the load of the children. They watched our 3 darlings so Jed and I could take a much needed weekend off. We ventured to Fort Myers Beach area. It's beautiful there. The sunsets are perfect. The sunrises so magical. Just walking the beach with my husband, tip toeing over shells and seaweed. Perfect. I even found a sand dollar during one of evening strolls. Too bad, one of the kiddos stepped on the container of shells and it broke. But just finding it was fun. Jed and I went fishing one morning. I caught 4 fish. Jed caught 1. Another guy on the boat caught a black tip shark...that was rather awesome!

We rounded out our time there with a Sunset Dolphin cruise. It was lovely. The weather was nice. Sunset beautiful. We only saw a fin from the dolphin, but it was super relaxing.
Kudos to the Pink Shell Beach Resort. Perfect place to stay. We'll definitely go back...and take the kids (I know, that says a lot if we're willing the take the kiddos with us, haha)
After our stay in Fort Myers, we headed back up to Central Florida to visit with my family. We spent of week of catching up with family and friends. Trips to the beach. A morning trip to Downtown Disney and more. I do have to say, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts maybe every other day while in Florida. You see, in our area of Texas, we just have Starbucks. I ♥ Dunkin Donuts...and not just the coffee ;) Those little munchkins are pretty yummy.

It was a wonderful vacation, but I'm glad to be home.
Oh, while on vacation...that weekend away with the hubby, I hit my 30lbs lost mark!! Woot!! Now, the donuts and coffee didn't help me stay there. But hey! 30 lbs gone...that's like a small toddler :) 1 big milestone on my weight loss journey. By the way, my husband is almost there, too. I love that we are doing this together.
And get ready for picture overload. Our family had a professional photo session with Frame It Photography. I can't wait to share the pictures. We had a rainbow in our background during the beach photo session :) absolutely perfect!!

Until time allows again....

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