Monday, September 8, 2014

Quick Blurb

Happy Day!
Life has been a bit hectic around here. I didn't even think that was possible with 2 of the kids in school all day. But it still seems as if the day runs away.
Today, I have a few minutes to myself. Oh, I could go fold all the laundry...but Leia is finally napping and I haven't updated the blog in a over 2 weeks!! (eek! I'm slacking)

School has started. Kids are adapting well. The oldest is at a new campus. He's making friends. He even told me that there's one girl that has a crush on him (awww....grade school crushes ♥). The middle child is doing great with school. She loves it..once she gets there. She's just not the greatest waker upper.  And my youngest is starting to LOVE her one on one time with just Mommy.

My youngest has been helping me complete each day of this September Challenge I'm doing with a few other friends. She'll come up and say "Ready for push ups, Mom?" I Love my little motivator :)
I hit a big milestone. My first weight loss goal (to be under a certain number)...YAY!! I'm currently at 36 lbs lost!! Fantastic!! I'm feeling great, clothes are fitting looser, and I can see how it's changing my family. Everyone is eating healthy. My hubby is doing great with working out and eating healthy, too. YAY!!

So, that's my blurb for now. Nothing fantastically crazy happening here. Just life. But it's a grand life I tell ya.


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