Monday, September 15, 2014

Childhood then and now

I won't lie. My kids are very "game oriented". They love to play the Wii or the rare chance they get to play Dad's playstation (maybe because I make them stand up to play to My oldest is into all things Minecraft. And Lilyann still breaks out the DSi every so often. Leia loves to snag any chance she can to play games on the kindle. Yes, they have this craving for electronic entertainment.

check out Leia's Map.
 Her idea (I kid you not) to use the toilet paper roll as a map.
 I did draw the face on it. :)

I grew up with a typewriter (no correction ribbon, just white out), a record player/stereo combo in the living room, and rabbit ears television. We rarely watched TV unless it Little House on the Prairie or the game shows after the evening news. (Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune) And we didn't have a remote. Younger siblings were told to get up and change the channel, turn up the volume, or smack the side of that big box of entertainment. Haha. Yes, I had a pretty good childhood. I can't complain. I learned how to use my imagination. I learned to make use of what I had.

So, when my children use their imagination or I find them quietly reading a book (not on a tablet) or coloring, it thrills me. I know that times have changed. But it's as if I have hope that my children will have a similar imagination filled childhood.
 Yesterday, I was walking through the house and heard this little conversation.

Leia: "You're going to the store? let me get my stuff to go, too."
Lily: "Yes"
Leia: "Where are we going? Walmart?"
Lily: "No, we're going to Super 1. Let's go."
Then they grab baby dolls and stroller and headed "off to the store". 

I giggled a little when I heard the location was Super 1. I love Super 1...I used to work there before my mommy days. My kids love going there. It's been over 8 years since I've worked outside the home. But some of my favorite people still work at Super 1...and my kids look forward to going and saying Hello. I love it!!! 

Yes, I'm rambling a little about this and that.
The blog needed a new post anyways, right?!?!  You know you love it :P

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