Thursday, January 22, 2015

The verdict on my knee

I'm not sure who all reads this blog. But I have so many thoughts running through my head.

I had my first orthopedic appointment today. And much to my dismay, the verdict is that I have a torn ACL. Now, I can live with a torn ACL. But living with this unstable knee will more than likely require me to wear a brace at any time I chose to be active. I was actually back up to running a little ways before I twisted my knee and fell during a Zumba class earlier this month.
You see, 2 Thanksgivings ago, I was playing soccer with the kiddos. I went to kick the ball and something twisted, popped, snapped and I fell. My knee started swelling, so I came home and put some ice on it and took some ibuprofen. All was good until I tried to stand up. Too swollen to walk. It was brutal. My sister came and took me to the ER to have it looked at. This was around the same time that Jed got up to put the turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving dinner that day (so shortly after midnight). The xrays showed lots of swelling and fluid. I was sent home in a brace with pain meds and told to follow up with an ortho doctor. Well, I called a week or so later, and wowza!!! the fees to see that kind of doctor were more than we had. So, I chose to just baby it and take advantage of having my other sister there for a visit. My knee slowly got better. Then I started to exercise. I had read somewhere that losing weight would help my knee and the pain. Well, I did that!! That was almost a year ago. And I've lost 47 lbs since then. Woot woot!! 

Well, the weight loss probably helped me endure the pain from a torn ACL a bit better. The doctor said I could stay with using the brace...but if I wanted to stay active, then having it fixed was what needed to be done. 
Oh Joy!
The doctor was impressed that I had lost that much weight just to avoid further knee issues (yay, meee!!) 

Once my husband and I decide exactly when we will have this procedure done, it will all become more real...I guess. Right now, I'm so worried about having it done and not being able to be active during recovery that I will put back on the weight that I have worked so hard to lose. But I guess if I can stay away from baked goodies, I should be good. :) 

Oh, so much to think about....make decisions. All for my health and that I can do the things I need to do with my kiddos and family. 

If you have thoughts, you may share. I'm already reading up on ACL and ACL recovery stories.
But for now, these are my thoughts.


"Grammy" Sue B said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! I'm not familiar with surgery for torn ACL, but VERY familiar with total knee replacement. It has been just over 2 mo since my surgery and I'm doing SO GOOD. My mess-up knee was so bad that necrosis had set in. (That means the bones in my knee were black...dying!) All of that was cut out and new titanium parts installed. I was totally weight-bearing the day after surgery, walking with a walker. I was in HealthSouth Rehab for 9 days and did GREAT, even surprising the therapists. I was MOTIVATED and DETERMINED. At home I have had (until yesterday) I had a physical therapist come to the house 3 times a week for 8 weeks. I'm doing amazing, according to "Jamie". I'm doing all of my PT every day on my own, including walking on the treadmill or on our pasture walking trails. AND....(drum roll please) I have LOST 21 POUNDS since surgery!!! You can do this, Joy. Your surgery will slow you down or set you back for a little bit, but with your determination YOU WILL BE BETTER THAN BEFORE.
Love you...Aunt Sue

Meet the Smiths said...

Thanks, Aunt Sue