Friday, June 12, 2015

Drawing a blank????

That moment you're all pumped up to post on the blog.....
Then, you sit down and your mind goes blank. Your body shifts into near comatose state and your hands become so heavy even typing out these few works feel like a major cardio workout for your fingers.

Can you tell it's Friday??????

I'm ready for the Weekend. Ready to relax and hand the reins over to my dear husband. 
One good thing, the girls slept in this morning....til 8:30!!!! It's been the crack of dawn rising every other day this week. I was thankful for that extra hour or so.

My girls....crazy are they. (haha, Yoda talk there)
Their conversation in the van last night was all about when they are older. The fun they'll get to have.
"ya know, when I'm older like Mom. I get to ride in the front seat and drink coffee."
Oh, they have A LOT to look forward to. Apparently, that's life as a mommy.

Here's a few pictures from today....we're getting our money's worth from this pool. 

 I walked outside to check on the kids. You see, while they're occupied, I clean up the kitchen, etc.

 This was taken through the kitchen window. She saw me with the camera and of course, had to pose. Love her ♥

relaxing in the pool... Summer fun

yes, I try to keep the kids busy during the summer. Each day, we're doing something, anything. I want them to have to the same if not similar summers that I had growing up. Mom would usually send me and my siblings outside to play. Of course, we had to do our chores first. Because if we didn't, it was a mad rush to do them before Little House on the Prairie came on at 4 pm each afternoon. No chores done= no watching TV. That was the rules.
But back to creating summer memories....
We'd play outside. We did everything from play war (battle from tree house to tree house), dug tunnels, acrobats off the chain swing (originally used to pull the engine out of a vehicle), pick weeds and grind them down to make our own "Feed n Seed store". We'd build "huts" in the woods. You see, we grew up at a motel. My parents ran the motel. We played on the property....large property that once held an orange grove (before one those freezes of ____ that destroyed it was Florida, of course.)
Yes, we had a fabulous life growing up. There was no limit to our imagination. We could be anything, do anything. I LOVED it!! I want my kids to experience the same. 
The biggest struggle with not having the same is the widespread technology use. I'm attached to it. Almost everyone is. It's hard not to do things in this day and age without some sort of technology. So, for us, we limit it. Let's try to do it ourselves first...then ask Google. Lol Gone are the days of researching a subject with an encyclopedia. I used to love those books. I wonder if Mom still has a set of Encyclopedias at the house?????

Wow...was that a rabbit trail or what?!?!
And to think I'd drawn a blank on what to post. Oh glorious mind! 

Summertime and swimming in barrels...I'll have to tell you about that another time. Yes, I had a great life growing up. Summertime was fun time. Memories <3 p="">


Annie said...

Have a fun summer with the kids!

Meet the Smiths said...

Yes, we will, Annie. Same for you and yours.