Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All about our little Lilyann

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So over the weekend, Lily had slowly stopped eating. She would eat a little here and there, but not much...we went about 3 days of her eating no more than 7 oz of formula each day (a baby her age should be eating at least 20 oz a day of formula) We thought it was her belly--maybe she was constipated or the formula wasnt something that was easy on her tummy.
We took Lily to see her doctor on Monday...the dr took all the info down and then started to listen to her heart...check her tummy, etc. Well, the dr listened a long time to her heart...and then told us it was her tummy, it was her heart. Lily has a heart murmur...which was visible at her 2 wk checkup but was very faint...and the dr was just watching it and was going to check it again at her 2 month checkup. Well, the heart murmur is stronger...meaning there is a hole in Lily's heart. And the hole is causing the blood and oxygen to mix making Lily not have enough energy to eat. She is still getting enough oxygen to breath and survive, but not the best that she needs to grow and thrive. The dr scheduled an echo of her heart for today---we recently got back from the echo...That was a 2 hour ordeal of trying to get Lily to lay still so they could take pictures of her heart. They will send all the pictures and such to a Doctor in Dallas and we should know all about Lily's condition in the next 24 hours.
I ask that you all keep Lilyann in your prayers...she is going to need it...she is doing somewhat better with eating. The dr had us up her calorie intake...so that she wouldnt have to work so hard to just finish 2 oz. Now she eats, and sleeps alot..she seems to get exhausted so fast...poor little Lily.
I'll keep you posted as we know with the updates.

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