Tuesday, January 15, 2008

our 1st post!!

So this is the 1st post on the Smiths family blog...Hello to all from Jed, Joy, Dakota, and Lilyann.

Dakota is almost 2 yrs old and Lilyann is 6 weeks old. Having kids means that there is never a dull moment here at our house. Like today, Dakota found mommy's chocolatemint lipgloss and decided that he wanted some...needless to say, i am still finding blobs of lip gloss (sparkly) all over the house..on the tv, on the coffeetable, on Dakota's monkey..everywhere except where it should be (on anyone's lips)

But all in all, Dakota may seem to be a handful, but he has been a helpful handful today. Helping mommy with Lily "lele" as he calls her.

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Thankfulplace said...

Joy, it's great to see you blogging! God has given you and Jed such beautiful children! Continue on in the blessed task of raising them for the Lord.