Monday, October 13, 2008

Ants and "Rhino Poop"

Today had it's ups and downs....We started out with Lily waking up only to go back to sleep again. This sinus infection is really zapping her energy...she is tired a lot and isn't really taking her bottles, but she is eating lots of table food. Well, Dakota was in a mood...wanting to do everything his way...and he was so bossy today!!

Well, After Lily's morning nap, we went outside to play a little. I put Lily on Dakota's trike..and she liked it..Dakota gets on with her..and he wants me to take a picture of them on his trike. I go in to get the camera. During this split second, Dakota pushes over the trike and knocks Lily off the trike. So Lily is fussy...and crawling around in the grass (she loves the i let her crawl around without picking her up right away) Next thing i know, Dakota is saying ANTS!! Lily is covered in Ants...All over her little hands on her clothes...everywhere. So i grab her up and starting swiping all the ants off and picking the ones off that won't swipe. She got bit up pretty bad...but it didn't seem to effect her. She was more upset that i took her off the grass then she was that the ants were biting her..silly girl! So i wiped her down with some wipes...the ones with bleach on them ( i know bleach works to take the pain out of bee stings, so i figured it would help with ant bites...and it took most of the redness out of them). We played a little longer and then it was nap time.

After naps...our friends came over (Matt and Sarah). Dakota loves to play with them...and Lily does too. After we all had dinner...I put Dakota in the bath to play for a bit. This is were the Rhino poop comes in. Dakota starts calling for me: "Mommy, I had Rhino poop in the bathtub!! Rhino poop in the bathtub, mommy!!" I go to inspect and sure enough, Dakota has made a poopy in the bath tub. He was not happy that the rhino poop was in his bathtub. Thank God for Hubby...he came to my rescue and disposed of the rhino poop. (Rhino poop first got it's name when hubby told Dakota that his poopy diaper smelled like rhino poop~~ we had recently been to the zoo and the rhino cage didn't smell good...thus, the origin of rhino poop to our vocabulary)

**To protect the innocent toys in the pictures were taken of this wonderful adventure**

So that was our day...what fun!!

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"Grammy" Sue B said...

Oh, Joy, you really know how to tell a story and make it ALL funny! Thank you for a happy end to my day!
Hugs to each of you.....
Love, Aunt Sue