Friday, October 3, 2008

Step back and take it all in

We are having beautiful weather here in East Texas. Beautiful weather and kids ready to play equals a nice day at the park. Dakota loves the park...Lilyann is starting to like it, too. She loves being outside~~my little nature girl; and even more, enjoys being with her daddy. It is exciting seeing my little ones experience something new; and take in all the new surroundings. To see life through a child's eyes...what an experience that would be. Poetry Blender
I am beginning to think that what makes Dakota tick is going for walks. He loves to go on a walk. Whether it be around the block, to the park (which is 1 mile round trip), to get a gumball (going to the consignment store by our house), or just walking to the post office to get Dakota, it is an adventure. He is looking for kitty cats, pine cones, acorns (baby pine cones, as he calls them), bugs, and even ducks (we go to see the ducks near our house sometimes). The walks get Dakota talking, and asking questions...about everything. "What is that, mommy?" "Did you hear that?" "Oh, my!" (these are just a few of his famous questions/statements)
And what is so sweet is that Dakota will talk to Lily...Show her what he has found or can do.
What a wonderful big brother! Poetry Blender

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