Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here's the Mail...

"Here's the Mail
It never Fails;
It makes me wanna wag my Tail.
When it comes,
I wanna Wail......MAIL!!!"

~~this is the song from Blue's Clues when it's mail time~~

Today was Mail time at our house. Aunt Tammie called earlier this week to tell us that she was sending a package to Dakota (well, all of us). She had found Curious George Fruit Snacks at Sam's Club..and wanted to send them to Dakota (he loves George).

The day that "Aunt Tammie from Florida" (Kota's name for her) called...Dakota was eager to put his boots on and run and check the mail to see if Aunt Tammie was here. Needless to say, Aunt Tammie wasn't in the But today....The box from "Aunt Tammie in Florida" came!! Dakota was so excited. He was even more excited to find out that George fruit snacks were in the box.

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