Monday, October 20, 2008

East Texas Yamboree

At the Livestock show
Lilyann with her balloon
Dakota and Lilyann on the carousel with Boo
Dakota riding the ladybug ride--see monkey sitting with him?
Lilyann with Grandma and playing with Uncle Leonard

What a wonderful weekend we had here in East Texas! This weekend was the Annual East Texas Yamboree. A festival dedicated to the yam/sweet potato (yummy!!) Dakota and Lilyann are both big fans of this famous yam...especially the way their Boo (Jed's grandma) makes them. I love sweet potatoes, too. Nobody makes them like our Boo.

Enjoying some funnel cake and corn dogs
Dakota watching the parade with Daddy

This year, Dakota was tall enough (over 36 inches) to ride most of the kiddie rides. He rode the carousel with his Boo; the ladybug ride and a car ride, all by himself; and then he finished out by riding the Pebbles and BamBam train ride with Grandma. It was an eye-opener seeing my once little baby boy, Dakota, riding big boy rides all by himself. He is growing up so fast. My little man will soon be 3 yrs old. It is hard to believe how fast they grow up. It seems as if time is running away from me.
I can't believe I almost forgot to tell about the Queen's Parade. This parade includes the Yam Queen, Duchesses, local school bands, and different organizations sponsoring the Yamboree. Lily enjoyed the parade. She sat on the curb and watched the parade for a bit; and when one of the marching bands came by, she decided to crawl out to join them.
Lilyann watching the parade
Crawling out to the band

Playing "redneck horseshoes" with Aunt Georgia

Not only did we have a wonderful time at the Yamboree but also we were able to spend some time with Great Uncle Leonard and Great Aunt Georgia. Dakota loved being outside with Aunt Georgia...she showed him how to play--i think it is called, Redneck Horseshoes. Dakota loved that. And Lily was so taken with Uncle Leonard. She enjoyed sitting with him...she always seemed to smile when she saw Uncle Leonard.
We, also, went to the livestock show. We saw rabbits, goats, cows, bulls, etc. Dakota wasn't too fond of being so up close and personal with the animals. And listening the auctioneer had me laughing and wondering if the auctioneer actual understood what he was saying...It almost sounded like he was singing.

It was a wonderful weekend. And to top it all off, we enjoyed dinner at Boo's house. What a great end to a perfect day.

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