Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big Girl and Boy Episodes

Aww!! My little girl is growing up. Every time we go outside and get near the swing set, Lilyann is playing with the swings. So, yesterday, I put her up on the big girl swing--only because I didn't feel like getting the baby swing out of the shed. (we keep the baby swing there since Kota's friend/neighbor comes over and likes to swing with him) Well, Lilyann held on tight and swung like a Big girl. She was absolutely loving it...and she even started swinging her legs like Dakota was doing. It was so see her mimic her brother...and she was so proud of herself.

Lilyann is now 16 months old. We are 2 weeks away from Lilyann's 1 yr anniversary of her open heart surgery. I can't believe the major turnaround. You can't even tell that Lilyann even had any problems. When we dropped the kids off at "Stomptime" (gym daycare) one day, Lilyann was fussy; I told Connie that she could make Lily a bottle if she didn't calm down....and I told her there was formula in the bag. She looked puzzled and old is Lilyann? 16 months. And She is still on Formula? yes. So, I start explaining and she was in shock. She would have never known that Lilyann had any difficulties in the beginning. I told her...yes...Lily had open heart surgery..and look at her now!! It is amazing to see all the progress Miss Lilyann has made...and it excites me to think of the new things she will start doing.

I think potty training is clicking with Dakota...earlier last week, I was for sure that Dakota would still be in diapers when Lilyann was potty training...yes!! oh me of little faith. Well, Kota has surprised us all. Each day we are going longer and longer staying dry....and the best part of all....Since last Thursday, Dakota has gone poopy 7 times in the potty!!! YAY!!! Believe me, when he pooped in the potty for me the first time...I was doing the little potty dance with him. And don't ask...I didn't record myself doing the potty dance....I couldn't put that kind of blackmail out there for everyone to We are getting closer to getting rid of pull ups. Dakota doesn't like wearing "baby diapers" he is in pull ups and underwear. Dakota's grand prize is a visit to Chuck E. Cheese...almost every time he goes to the bathroom, he tells me he is going to go to Chuck E. Cheese with his best friend, Lexi.

Here's a fun-fact-to-know-and-tell: "hm tastes like candy." Dakota is playing with blue playdoh since Lily is napping...and yes! Dakota is tasting the playdoh. I remember those days.

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