Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Spring!! really??

After Church on Sunday
Spring was in the air...or I guess it was just the pollen and wonderful weather and the calendar saying that the first day of Spring was March 20Th. But if you step outside this morning, you would think Winter made a 180 and is back for a bit. We had freeze warnings last night...and this morning woke up to 30 degree weather. Fun!!

and then later that afternoon...the windy was picking up

Kota and Daddy mowing the backyard
I had to share this photo...nothing like a father and son moment.
This picture is priceless..As soon as Jed started mowing the backyard, Dakota pulled out his lawnmower and started helping daddy. He even "bagged his clippins". This was probably video worthy, but it didn't cross my mind until now. Jed and I just hope that as Dakota gets older he will have the same determination to mow the grass.

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WOWZER! I've got a lot of blog reading catch up to do. I clicked on to FINALLY look at your Swing Post and found that I had to scroll several entries down to read it. I'm so proud of you for being so faithful. I wish I could keep up with mine. WAY TOO MUCH on my plate right now though. I'll come back hopefully this evening to read through what has been going on. Right now I need to go put little ones down for naps so I can practice violin with Natty. We've been doing school and laundry all morning. Now on to the next thing on the list.
Love ya Lots. Keep Up the Good Work.
Cousin Christy
Philippians 4:13