Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Putting a face to a name

Dakota riding the horse
Lilyann riding with "Chuck"

From left to right-->Lee, Sharon, Ashlyn, Me, and Lilyann (Kota was there, but he was throwing a fit because Daddy wouldn't get him the prize he wanted)

Since Dakota was born and was going through colic and teething and all the fun things that newborns go through, I joined a forum for mommies. It was on the Huggies website. Well, I met a lot of mommies through this forum and we have bonded in the last 3 yrs. I know, how can you bond over the Internet? I proceeded with caution when the mommies wanted to move our forum to a private board..but was pleased with the extra privacy. Only those who we knew could join. We are ourselves Huggies Mommas....these mommas have been such a support and blessing to me with all the goings on last year. They were always eager to hear the updates about Lilyann and sent heart felt messages of comfort and support while Lilyann was in the hospital last March and April.

Now, the reason for the post...I finally met, in person, one of the Huggies Mommas. She was passing through Longview here on her way to visit her mother and family in Northwest TX. So, last night, we all went to Chuck E. Cheese and had a blast. It was nice meeting with someone with whom you have corresponded with for a while...to put a face to a screen name.

(for those reading this...I did proceed with caution...as you never know who can trust out there in this crazy world of ours)

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Sharon said...

I had a great time this night! Yall are all just lovely, cant wait to meet agian! Hugs from the Usrys!