Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alicia's Photo Challenge

Alicia's Photo Challenge:
Imma Momma

This was our challenge: get familiar with your Post-Editing program, and try some different effects and filters. Learn how to crop your photo. Learn how to increase the contrast and balance it with brightness.

All of us, participants of the Alicia's Challenges, had a month to work on this challenge.

I am still not very good with the photo editing techniques...but I'm still learning. I downloaded a photo editing program GIMP and I am still working on learning the program. The pictures loaded for this challenge were all edited on Photobucket. Another mommy friend told me how to do the effects on your pictures.



Here is Cash, my nephew, enjoying the watermelon at the 4th of July fireworks show!!


Miss Lilyann...I was trying out new "hairstyles" on her. Trying to make use of the bows that she rarely wears. I did this picture on gray scale and but kept the coloring of her hair bow. I also softened the edges of the picture.


Alicia said...

How fun! That's a great feature on Photobucket! Nicely done!

Emmy said...

I love the one with the watermelon! I love how the flag on the shirt and the watermelon is colorful! Awesome!!

David and Audrey said...

Your pictures are so cute! I love the black and whites with some color, they are always so fun.