Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Way Back When-esday

Lilyann with Dr. Eric Mendeloff (heart surgeon)...April 22, 2008..the day she was discharged after her open heart surgery

This addition of way back when-esday...isn't so way back. It was last year.

Last year, Lilyann had open heart surgery (April 15, 2008)...3 months after her surgery (August 3rd, 2008)...she was given the all clear and a little over a year later (August 10th, 2008)....she was put on the every 5 years list to see the cardiologist. Her heart is perfect!!! If you didn't see her "zipper", you would never know what she has been through.

August 3, 2008...with Dr. Penn Laird~ cardiologist

August 10, 2009...with Dr. Penn Laird~ cardiologist

We serve a BIG God!

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Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

I am so glad she is doing well. Sounds like she has a great cardioligist and she is sooo adorable. This post is dear to me b/c I have a brother who is 33 now and has had open heart surgery twice now for a hole in his heart when he was born. The first surgery he was 2 and the second surgery he was 31. He had to have one of his valves replaced 2 years ago and it was the best thing he had ever had done. His energy is back up and I'm so greatful for this. Praying for your little one. She is so precious.