Monday, August 3, 2009

Priceless Weekend

The sky on our between the storms

What a weekend it and humid and then stormy. But our lawn was watered and watered some more...thanks to the rain.

Lilyann playing in the bird bath

We headed out Saturday morning to Boo's house to help do some hedge clipping in the backyard...Jed and Boo did the clippings and I watched the kids while burning the clippings. Lily ventured around the backyard...and Kota was in and out of the house most of the time. I felt like we were always looking for him..calling his name...he finally stayed outside when Daddy started throwing limbs and clippings over the back fence...calling to Daddy to "throw some more".

We got all the hedges clipped, the yard weed-eated (is that a word?), and the clippings/limbs burned before the rain came down.

Then we ventured inside for a turkey sandwiches with tomato slices (my absolute favorite) for lunch. And as the rain continued, we stayed inside and browsed through old photos. Lots of memories shared.
Waiting on the rain to stop...Kota and Lily

The rain stopped and we decided to stay with our original plans out taking the kids out to Lake Gilmer for a walk. We got there and started our walk...We saw all different trees (thankfully, they were marked or I wouldn't have known the difference)...and we saw deer...but I didn't get a picture before they ran away. We found a small pond on back around on the walk. A nice quiet little spot. And then heard the thunder we headed back to the van and climbed in just as the rain started.

Pictured below is Boo and Dakota

Lily and Myself...Lily was holding on by way of my eye

It was a nice relaxing day...even with the yard work included.
While waiting on the rain to calm down, we had dinner with Boo....yummy green beans, baked red potatoes, and pork chops.

Lily had quite the full tummy after all the eating we did at Boo's. It seemed like every time she walked through the kitchen, she wanted to be up in the high chair eating.
Here she is patting her tummy after dinner:

Nothing like spending time with family, and a full tummy to help you enjoy a quiet ride home.

Kota man

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"Grammy" Sue B said...

Loved the details of your day, and loved the pictures! You are SO GOOD with your blog, Joy! THANKS for giving me a peek into the life of your family!
(((hugs))) Aunt Sue