Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 at a glance

Lilyann--New Year's Eve 2008

I'm not really sure if I will remember everything....but let's see if I can give the highlights of the past 365 days of 2009.

We rang in the New Year at Aunt Samantha and Uncle Jerry's house...celebrating Jed's birthday. (He's a New Year's baby). Dakota turned 3 yrs old...and had a Captain Hook pirate ship cake.
Lilyann took her first steps.

Both kids got the flu, but we made it through that rough patch. The warmer weather started for this East Texas area. We flew kites with the kids for the 1st time. We finally bought a new vehicle (well, at least new to us). We became proud owners of a Dodge Caravan. And....Grandad went home to be with the Lord. A sad month but we know "that all things work together for good."

Lilyann is walking...and all over the place. She is finally at the 20 lbs mark. We all go to Dallas to see Disney on Ice. A little commercial here....*Definitely a must see for all who have kids or love anything Disney. You won't leave disappointed*

I finally get to meet my online friend, Sharon. We take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Kota is getting better at going potty. Lilyann celebrates 1 yr since her open heart surgery. We take our annual trip to the Zoo. Our first girls' night at Boo's house....and we find out that Lilyann LOVES guacamole. Spring arrives. Lily's first Easter that she participates in. The kids and myself attend our first Rodeo ever!! Lily finally has enough hair for "pretties". Oh! and I have another birthday.

Jed and I go away for my birthday and our 5 yr anniversary (1 month early). Sidewalk chalk and "Happy Mudder's Day, Mommy." The name "pretty girl" has been given to Miss Lilyann. My brother and Sister-in-law become parents. The kids and I go camping (in a tent...because that's the only way you can camp) for the 1st time...and celebrate Great Uncle Leonard's 80th Birthday.

We pull out the slip n slide...what FUN!!! Kota and Bro. Bob (our pastor) wear matching shirts to church...The Blue Buddies. Water Balloons and summer fun make up this month.

Celebrated the 4th of July weekend. More summer fun. Hubby and I go fishing; and I catch more than he does!! woohoo!! I notice now that I haven't really been fishing with Hubby since that trip...hmmmm...makes me wonder.

Lilyann goes to the cardiologist. He puts her on the every 5 years visit list!! Awesome! We visit the Dallas Nature and Science Center...Lots of fun for all. I meet another online friend on our trip to see Brittiany (my Sister-in-law and her family). We spent the day at the Waco zoo with Jenn and her kids, Grace and Liv. Kota learns to swim (with a life jacket on).

Labor Day at Beaver's Bend, Oklahoma. My mom falls and breaks her hip; we later find out that she will need hip replacement surgery. But she has pulled through...and doesn't even use her cain to get around now. Kota learns why he needs to use brakes. Downhill bike rides are fun, but can get scary. Fall is in the air. We make a trip to West Texas to see Great Aunt Gloria and Great Uncle Wayne. We saw cows, heard coyotes, went fishing, saw the Wind farms, and fed the cows.

Jed and I went to see the Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company. It was amazing. Kota has to do breathing treatments. Lilyann becomes fond of my childhood teddy bear. East Texas Yamboree...we all rode the Ferris Wheel!! Halloween and Trick or Treating. My 1st pumpkin carving.

Lily learns to do her silly face. The tragedy of Fort Hood. Keep our troops overseas and here in the United States of America in your prayers. Learning to find the good in everything...even a sinkful of dirty dishes. Thanksgiving Day spent in Stamps, Arkansas at Great Uncle Millard and Great Aunt Sue's house. And last but not least, Lilyann's 2nd birthday.

Christmas photo shoot with the kids. Boo's surprise 70th birthday party in Dallas. Seeing the Ice exhibit of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The smell of coffee brings back memories of way back when. Christmas lights and seeing Santa. Gilmer Buckeyes win State Championship. Lily is officially "Pretty Girl Smif". My sisters come visit for Christmas. Kota gets his "darth vader sword". Spending time with family.

That was our year in recap....140 posts later...and here we are getting ready to welcome the new year in. We all get to start with a clean slate for 2010. I guess what matters is what we put on that slate and have to look back on this time next year.

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Annie said...

It was a year with ups and downs. I wish you 2010 a wonderful and blessing year.

Happy New Year!!