Monday, December 14, 2009

Makes My Monday: Party Fun and State Wins

Definitely a Fantastic weekend makes my Monday....because as the new weeks starts, you are still basking in the glow of all the fun you had over the weekend. Our fun starts with Friday evening and Katie's birthday party!! Katie is Jed's cousin who turned!!
♫Happy Birthday, Katie♫

It is always fun going out to the Davis' eat, laugh, and sit around the fire. And even more fun, when there is cake involved. The kids had a blast...Lily pulling off decorations on the table centerpiece while Katie opens her presents and Kota eating the chocolate covered strawberries and watching movies with Brooke.

Saturday was my day to get more of the Christmas shopping done...I attempted to do some Christmas shopping on Friday...and wow!!! that was a shopping trip for the record books. We hit 3 stores and the gym in about 4 hours. Overwhelming!! The first store was okay...until Kota saw a Darth Vader sword and threw the biggest fit because I would not buy it for it right then and there. I tried to explain that Santa already had one and was bringing it to him for Christmas...that didn't work. Kota is a here and now kinda boy!! The next store was a bit easier...Lily was starting to get antsy...but Kota was content...because I found a disk shooter for him to keep him occupied...and with the hope of actually walking out of the store with in sight...Dakota was well behaved.
Then we headed to the gym for the kids to have some running around time at Stomp Time...and for me to get things in, I made a list in my head while I worked out on the elliptical.
Then we headed to Target or the ball store as Kota calls it...since they have big red balls in front of the doors. We didn't even make it inside...Kota started throwing a fit about who was going to ride in the buggy. So, I just decided...we are done..Let's get back in the van...and then all chaos broke out! Kota started running around where you put the carts back. Then this older lady walks up and says to Dakota, "Santa is watching you and he's not going to bring you any presents if you are bad." Well, that set Dakota off more...but she distracted him enough for me to snatch him up and get him back in the van. What a shopping trip!!

So all that to say....Saturday, I took Lily with me and we went shopping. The guys went to the State Championship game for the Gilmer Buckeyes!! They got home late but Dakota had a great time. This was Dakota's 1st State Championship game....I think the last game he went to, He was small.

Gilmer Buckeyes

At the game: Uncle Jerry, Aunt Samantha, Boo, and Jerilyn

Kota cheering on the team

And then I HAD to share this picture!! Lilyann finally has hair...well, hair that is long enough to put up in pigtails. I took this picture because it was the first time ever that she had pigtails. She wasn't upset because of the pigtails. I had just woke her up to get ready for Katie's party...and she was upset because I wasn't holding her.

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mommytoalot said...

Wow..a fun week but certainly busy.
Love your little girl's cute. My Abby is three and doesn't have much hair..her pony tails are so tiny..but she loves them.
thanks for stopping by my blog.
have a happy day.