Thursday, December 3, 2009

Festive PhotoShoot

Lilyann Jade
~December 2009~

Dakota Wyatt
~December 2009~

The above photos were taken by me and edited by my good friend, Allison, from back home. She did a great job for me! Thanks, Allison!

It's December!! and it's starting to feel like Winter. I would say starting to feel like Christmas...but some Christmases (for me) have been spent in short sleeves. I come from the land of tourists...Central Florida. And now with East Texas weather...the temperature can change 40 degrees in a few hours, here. Fickle weather!

But it is cold...and snow is in the forecast for Friday!!! Wowzers!!

We actually had to already pull out more blankets...we don't usually run our heat on, we bundle up!

Well,, yesterday (I forget what day it is when I do this late night blogging), I headed out to my sister's house to take pictures of the kids in front of her Christmas tree. We did them last year and they turned out wonderfully.

So, it started out with the guys being goofy!! Dakota here with his cousin, Cash!

Then my sister finished doing Lily's hair...and we told Lily to go stand with Kota for a picture...and this is what she did...I'm glad I was able to capture this Kodak Moment. Definitely priceless!

Lily was playing with the trains while I was trying to get her picture done..and she wouldn't look at I called out to her to look at the birdie on Mommy's head...and this is what she did..she put the train on her head...Silly Lily!! But it made for a fun day of pictures!

And these were last year's Christmas pictures:



Annie said...

Precious pictures. The difference that one year makes.

My favorite picture is the one with Lilly and Dakota this year.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

AWWWW! How sweet! I love all of the photos! Your friend did an excellent job!

Kelly said...

ADORABLE pictures! I love the year progressions in family pictures!!