Monday, December 14, 2009

Who were we to name our kids what we did???

Lily playing outside today...yes! we had warmer temps for today...which called for Short sleeves.

All of our local family know that Dakota calls Lily, Pretty girl. He has since Jed started calling her that soon after she was born...and the name has just stuck with her, thanks to Dakota.

On the way to the gym today....

Me: "What is your name, Kota?"
Kota: "Kota Smif"

Me: "I thought you were Dakota Wyatt Smith?"
Kota: "No, I am Kota Smif...Kota Wyatt Smif!"
Me (pointing to Lily in the rear view mirror): "And what is her name?"
Kota (so matter-of-factly): "Pretty Girl Smif"

Me (holding the laughter in): "Pretty girl smith?? I thought her name was Lilyann Jade Smith??"

Kota: "Ha ha! that's a silly name, Mom"

We should have just let Kota name her sister!!! ha ha!!

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Annie said...

That was so funny.