Monday, July 19, 2010



I know, I was counting down the day to vacation almost 4 months ago....but the best part of vacation is coming home...being able to kick up your feet on your own coffee table...sit around and do nothing...It's just...HOME!!

The unpacking has started and for the most part, I am finished. All of the kids' stuff has been put away...laundry has been started....luggage shoved into the far back of the closet.

Now, just the folding and putting away of the clean laundry.

And a trip to the grocery store to restock the fridge. Jed, thoughtfully, cleaned out the fridge before he flew to Florida to meet up with it's empty in there except for condiments and shredded cheese (what can I say?? they had a great sale on shredded cheese about a month ago...with kids, you gotta stock up!)


Heather said...

Coming home from vacation is always a great feeling, isn't it?

Annie said...

Can you believe that I want to go back to Florida. That means that I love it.

So glad you had a safe trip.