Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation Post #1

All our about vacation will come post by post...and as the kids will allow.

the kids slept pretty well on the drive to Georgia (an almost 12 hour drive)

So here is post #1 about our vacation....we left out on Friday evening (July 2nd)...and headed towards Georgia. We arrived in Georgia at 8am after driving through the night...it was a successful trip...the kids slept most of the way (that's successful in my book...lol) We spent Saturday with my Aunt Glory (my dad's youngest sister) and Uncle Steve. We went on a few "adventures" as my Aunt called them...We visited the Botanical Gardens, a walk through zoo...very nice, and saw the University of Georgia football Stadium...we rounded out our adventures by eating at Peruvian restaurant. ♥Super Yummy Food♥

Lily at the Botanical Gardens with my Aunt Glory

Having a sit down

The cute bear cubs...found out they are siblings...go figure!

Dakota at the University of Georgia Stadium

A visitor to my Aunt Glory's bird feeder

Dakota and Lily enjoyed throwing the football around with Uncle Steve

We had a fantastic time at my Aunt Glory and Uncle Steve's house. Catching up and spending time with family helps make vacation fun. We were at my aunt and uncle's house for about 24 hours and then we traveled on to South Carolina...and made it just in time for the 2nd hour of church. My cousin's daughter sang a solo for the 4th of July service. She did amazingly.

Nattie singing in church

The music was a tremendous blessing at my cousin's church...I didn't realize this until we got there...but my cousin goes to the same church as Patch the Pirate (Ron Hamilton)
He has written music and produced many stories on cassettes and now CDs all about life and morals. I listened to his stories as a child and now my kids listen to them.

You can visit his website here and read about how he became Patch the Pirate.

Check back soon for more about our vacation...we were gone for 15 days...and I am only 3 days into it.

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