Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leaf surprises

okay...I seriously need to stay on top of this blog updating..but my time seems to run away from me. This week has been beautiful. The weather is FABULOUS. On Monday, I had the windows opened almost all day...the A/C never kicked on!! sweet! I'm gonna love the next electric bill.

With the cooler weather, we have been outside more. We took the kids to the park one evening to ride bikes. We all had a great time. The other day, I met up with my sister and her kids and the kids played around at the park. It's nice to go and enjoy being outside without sweating.

I started raking the leaves in our's a task...and I found out sadly that the neighborhood cats are using our backyard as their litter box...ugh! I stepped right in it...super stinky! Lily seems to have a fondness for raking...and all power to her. I don't mind raking. It's fun when it doesn't HAVE to be DONE....make it a "have to" job, and then that takes the fun out of it. Slowly but surely, we'll get the backyard raked.

Dakota is doing good in school. This week's letter is "Ee" and they are learning about apples. The different colors, the tastes, etc. Dakota's homework was to bring 1 red apple to school this week. On Friday, the whole class is going to taste red, yellow, and green apples. Dakota keeps talking about eating apples.

Lily is doing good. We are almost finished with this round of antibiotics. The reason for antibiotics is a 2nd UTI....ahhhh!! Potty training was going great...but when we started this round, I went to pull ups in case the antibiotics hit her system hard. Thankfully, they did not. But the pull ups are making Lily lazy with potty training. She did kinda okay today. I had her in panties most of the day and she got to the potty just in time. Hopefully, we will have better luck tomorrow.

Jed is still working hard...he is doing work for an Army depot about 1 1/2 hours he has a bit of a commute each day. He is hoping to get his old route back...but we are just waiting to hear back from the bosses. Jed works for Safety-Kleen...he picks up hazard waste/chemicals...cleans and restocks parts washers...does a whole of stuff. The kids look forward to Daddy come home each and every matter if they are watching cartoons or already eating dinner, they leave what they are doing and run to Jed. I know this makes him feel great!

Me...just doing what Moms do...and then some. I'm trying to lose some more weight before the holidays get here...I keep fluctuating...up 5 lbs and then down 5 I guess I can't be picky about that. I'm working on getting costumes together for the kids...Kota's costume pick changes everyday. Lily, I don't think she could care less what she does. But Kota is eager for Halloween...because after Halloween is Thanksgiving, Lily's birthday, and then.....CHRISTMAS!!

He has been asking for a Nintendo DS. I have been researching them...don't really know what is the best investment. He has a Leapster now...and I was looking at the Leapster Explorer...but I think the DS might be a better investment. He can use it for years to come. I don't know..but at least, I still have a few months.

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