Monday, February 21, 2011

Makes My Monday: Sleeping in

morning Lily

What makes a Monday sweeter?
Dakota has a school holiday...meaning: we ALL get to sleep in!

I so enjoyed sleeping in...even if I did forget to turn my phone alarm off the night before. But that's okay, it was nice to go back to sleep after hearing the alarm. And Thankfully, the kids slept in a little, too.

Today, we met up with some friends and used up the rest of our Chuck E. Cheese coins. Dakota loved playing all the games, and Lily is a little gamer, too. She enjoyed riding the horse. Dakota's favorite was playing air hockey.

Lily getting ready to ride the horse

Riding so well

Kota and Lily playing air hockey

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And for those wondering...My Mom was sent home on Saturday with strict orders of complete bedrest. She will have a followup with the neurologist in 2 weeks. I am hoping for positive results from all tests and evaluations.

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Cheryl Lage said...

Omigosh, Lilyann's determination on the horse CRACKS ME UP!

Air hockey! That brings back happy memories of my youth with MY brother!

Your family Makes My Monday...thanks for playing along!