Friday, February 25, 2011

Colors and Dinosaur Steps

Lily is surprising me...she is doing great with colors. You should have seen her last night at Grandma's playing Nickelodeon Kid's Fit (Wii)...she was awesome! It just took a little showing what she needed to do and she was all over that game. Next time, I will take my camera and get a short video or at least some pictures.

Yesterday was Lily's last Mom and Tot class. Our local gym is canceling the class. Lily and I were the only ones showing up. I loved the class. Lily has learned to hop with 2 feet. I know, to some not a real feat...but for Lily, she rarely does this unless on a trampoline. She can walk the snake, do dinosaur steps bringing her knees up high, run super fast, and is a great help at clean up time. Oddly, clean up time is more fun at the gym than at home. :) I failed to take the camera with me to get some action shots of Lily.

The weekend is upon us...I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. Hopefully, the kids will do the same.

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Annie said...

Serious girl,haha.

Beautiful puzzle.