Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do it right the first time!

Let me just tell you....DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!

Doing little quick fixes do nothing but reek havoc later. In our attempts to maybe sell our house soon, we are fixing things slowly (as the money come available)...and our pipes have been off and on trouble recently. With my 6th sense of super smell power (thanks to being pregnant!) and fluid leaking from under the house, we had the plumber come look at the pipes under the house...Well, they were rotted away. I don't know for how long..but under the house was flooded...we live on pier and beam...every time I used the washer or the kitchen sink, the water was just pouring out under the house.

After a few hours of trying to unclog our sewer line...thanks to Lily putting stuff down the potty, and old pipes, and we are thinking roots growing into the pipes....then it was a little over an hour of working under the house...and all is fixed!!
Hearing about the extent of the damage under there was fairly easy to take...but then finding out that the previous plumber from 6 years ago, replaced part of a pipe and then covered with duct tape (yes!! you heard that right, a plumber used duct tape...arggh!), and then getting the bill....OUCH!

So, I can't stress it enough....DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!! Duct tape may be a fix all item, but not for plumbing. If only I could find the paperwork on the guy that did the work 6 years ago...if only.

now, it's fixed and we shouldn't see plumbers for a long as Lily doesn't flush anything else.

Another thought....Duct tape isn't a fix all!!

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