Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slacking on the blog

Please forgive me! I try so hard to keep up with the blog...but it tends to get pushed to the side when life happens. Life meaning--> Lily is doing great on her potty accidents in a week at least. She is even pooping on the BIG potty!! I am so happy for her...but another thing we are working on with Lily is her stubborn attitude. Yes, I know, we all have it....but hers is going to be the reason I start coloring my cover up the grays!! It is a never ending battle with her that I am will to fight so I don't have to deal with this when she is a teenager. My cute sweet Little Lu can really be a little stinker!

Dakota is doing good. In 2 months time, he will be on Summer Break and all finished with Pre-K. He has learned so much. He can count to 30 without help, say his ABC's, identify his ABC's, and sound out words. He gets confused with words that are more than one syllable..but the sounding out is making me proud...he is on the right track to start reading soon.

Jed is working long hours since we got back from Arizona. There are changes going on in the company...they are trying to make each branch work more as a team..meaning those who don't pull their slack will get help from other team members. Team work is good...but Jed is so tired lately.

I am doing good...pregnancy going good. I am still available to work out a few times a week. This baby doesn't like anything considered "not good for you" and even some things that are good. Cookies, ice cream, get the idea...all seem to make me sick. :( In turn, I haven't gained any weight with this pregnancy, but I've lost 5 lbs.

The house improvements are going well. We still haven't listed it on the market yet. But we are closer to having it looking sell worthy. Jed and his mom are doing all the work.

On another note, the seasons have changed nicely here. We are finally experiencing some consistent spring weather. Monday, we experienced our 1st Spring was a super stormy. Lightning, high winds, heavy rains, thunder and some hail. thankfully, it moved through quickly....sadly, as it moved east, it left a path of destruction.

Well, that's about all I have about us for now.

Oh! we are also on a countdown again....Aunt Tammie (my sister) is coming in a little over 3 weeks! The kids are so excited. Aunt Tammie has been sending them postcards each week to remind them...It's marked on the calendar. We are ready. I think Kota is more excited about her arrival because 2 days after we are going to the Legoland Discovery Center in Dallas/Ft Worth area. Woot!

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Annie said...

You are very busy.

Are you looking for new houses or not yet?

Enjoy the weekend.