Monday, April 18, 2011

Makes My Monday: from the hammock!

It was a fun weekend here....a little shopping, fishing (by Jed), backyard fun, and allergies!

Saturday was spent doing a little shopping and then later putting together a hammock in the backyard....and it rounded out with Jed going fishing with his friend that evening.

Sunday was a relaxing, lunch with friends, and then cleaning fish, mowing grass and fun in the backyard.

Today, I am paying for the backyard fun...My allergies have hit full force! But relaxing in the hammock almost makes it worthwhile. Dakota loves lying in the hammock with me...Lily on the other hand doesn't have her "hammock legs" she is up and down and all around.

We are 15 weeks now...and the baby is equivalent to an apple! My belly is getting bigger. Dakota seems more conscious about it. If Lily leans on my belly or sits in my lap, Dakota cautions her that the baby is going to kick her. :) No kicking that I feel yet...but soon.

Fun with family makes my Monday!

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Olivia said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Andrea said...

I would love to have hammock! How relaxing! Sorry for the allergies! Mine have been acting up too , have a great week! Happy Monday!

Cheryl Lage said...

Empathizing with your allergies, loving your relaxing, weekend images, and celebrating your little "apple!"

Thanks for Making My Monday!

Annie said...

Pretty hammock. Is great when we had a good time as a family.

Anxious to know the sex of the baby.

Have a blessing week.