Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family fun and Introducing....Toothless!

Stop and smile for the camera

Whew! can I just breathe for a second?

yes! it's been one of those kinds of weekends that spilled over into Monday. Let's see...where do I start?

Okay, Friday evening:
My brother and his family were driving through town from Florida on their way to see his wife's brother. He is being deployed next month to Iraq. Phil, Alicia, and the kids (Evan and Hallie) stopped off and we treated them to dinner and then they headed out to my sister's house to get some rest before heading further west. Let me just tell you, I LOVE spending time with family...especially those you don't get to see very often. It was fun catching up over dinner and meeting my new niece, Hallie (she is 7 months now) for the first time in person. Pictures just don't let you experience little ones at their fullest.

This was an eventful day...we headed out to run some errands as a family. We hit up the Academy store, Target, and Sam's Club. I love seeing all the fresh fruits and veggies at Sam's...and usually they taste delicious! After our errand running, we headed home and let the kids play in the water outside. Fun in the sun is the BEST! We rounded out our day with a trip to Jed's grandmother's house for dinner and to spend some time with Aunt Gloria.

Dakota mid flip

Lu Bell loves to be in charge of the water hose

This day started early...My kids were both up by 6am...eek!! My brother and his family joined us for church. Fun times. Then we headed back to my house to grill and let the kids play outside. More fun in the sun! During all this, Lily would come inside dripping wet...I sent her out with a towel and she takes off for the door and wipes out when she hits a puddle. She fell and hit her lip and her 2 front teeth (which I found out later)...I got her Popsicle and tried to wipe up her lip to survey the damage, but Lily wasn't very cooperative. I let her enjoy the Popsicle and then I checked out her lip later...Much to my dismay, I noticed she had knocked loose one of her front teeth. She could move it all around with her tongue. I knew that was the end of that tooth.

My cute little nephew, Evan

My little brother, Phil...he's still a kid at heart

So, the weekend rolls into Monday:
Storms roll through super early Monday morning...and by 5:45am, the power was out. A few transformers blew. Waking up Dakota for school with my cell phone wasn't quite different. And searching around for candles to light so we could have some light...fun times!! and only I would have such a diverse mixture of scented candles! So, we had lavender in one room, apple peppermint in another room, and crisp red apple in the living room. Just before it was time to leave for school, I found Jed's flashlight! So now power meant that I had to search for the dentist's number the old fashioned way...with a phone book. I am so used to having the Internet at my beck and call...It was almost foreign to be using a phone book.
Well, I got the number and we headed out to the dentist in hopes of salvaging Lily's front teeth. After an exam and x-ray, the verdict was both teeth must come out. Lily had fallen at just the right spot where she knocked both front teeth loose by the roots. They would end up falling out in the next week on their own. So, we opted to just get it all over and done with at once. Within a few minutes (after pain relieving jelly and 2 shots), Lily was the next key actress for "All I want for Christmas is my 2 Front Teeth". The dentist reassured me this was the best for Lily. We can have pedi dentures put in later if we want...we just need to give her gums time to heal, and then Lily will have to cooperate through having an impression made and then having it put in. We might just wait and see...she has at least 2 years before adult teeth would even start coming in. But for now, I am getting used to my toothless grinning little Lu Bell!!

Lily...giving me a thumbs up on the way home from the dentist

Oh! and the power came back on yesterday after lunch. So, yesterday wasn't a total bust! The whole weekend and Monday were memories made.

Lily with Daddy...she was such a happy girl last night after all the trauma she endured..and you can see where she lost her teeth.

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Annie said...

OMG, poor Lily!!!!!

Hope you have a better week.