Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life is everchanging

Dakota's newest Lego Creation...we followed instructions with this one :)

I'm slowly adjusting to this new, should I say food-style?!

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes with this pregnancy...and let me tell you, It's the pits! I feel like this "I'm pregnant, I should be able to indulge" but no, I have to count every carb, pair with good proteins, watch my sugar intake, and test 3-4 times a day...just to make sure I'm not having sugar spikes that can potentially hurt the baby. It's absolutely frustrating!!
I have found that if I DO eat a high protein item (hard boiled eggs, tuna, grilled chicken, etc.) that I can pair with some veggies and have a carb with it as well. It just takes some adjusting...meaning, it's ofttimes harder to remember to grab a hard boiled egg than it is to just grab a juicy peach (a big no no for me, now)

With GD, you live and learn...and eagerly count down til baby's arrival when you can eat WHATEVER you want! I'm slowly compiling of list of all the yummy foods I want to eat after Leia arrives.

The countdown is on...I am 30 weeks along..and the Braxton Hicks contractions are starting to become more body is getting ready for the real thing. :)

On, a different note, the heat in Texas is Severe...currently 105 on my weather desktop. Sizzle!
So, we've inside alot this week. We get out early in the mornings and run errands...and then lunchtime is at home, followed by quiet time--> Lego's, movies, coloring, etc.

Lily's "kitty house"


Annie said...

They are doing great activities inside.

Everything is going to be fine. Take care.

Alex said...

ugh that heat! no wonder your havig B-H Contractions!

Have you had an ultrasound to check the babies size? It will give you a good indication of how your doing with your sugar intake and its effect. Although with Oliver they measured him over 8lbs near the end and he was born 7lb10.5z.

Walking after eating keeps your #s low too. And I was suuuuper frustrated not being able to enjoy the bad eating habits pregnancy allows! But I did cheat a bit at the end with Oliver ( I needed sundaes from friendlys. NEEDED!)...and I had my mom bring me a cinnabon while I was in the hospital ;)

One good thing is you will pick up a few new and good habits that will carry over into your eating post preg. I used to put enough sugar to chew on in my I don't like sugar in it at all.

Good luck! Your doing great! And one more thing (sorry, long comment) don't be afraid of using insulin. I didn't want to and fought it so hard until the very end when I was sick of counting carbs and just wanted to eat! It's no big at all! I ended up using it a total of 2 or 3 times (one to allow a trip to the cheesecake factory). So while I was able to manage with diet, now I know that having that help every once in a while can help with the stress and frustration. (im an emotional eater so I had a hard time some days).