Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer is coming to an end..but not the heat!

We had some fun in the sun and water today!

It was nice to have the use of water.

Sunday morning started with no water...we thought something had happened with the city's side of the water...but no! it was on our side. We had pipes bust under the house. So, minimal water on Sunday..then we turned it off, so it wouldn't just be running out under the house. And no water on Monday.
Jed's friend heard him talking about it at work..and he offered to come look at it for us...And he knew exactly what to do to fix it!! Woohoo!! He saved us another evening without water and a huge plumbing bill!

So, it was a carefree day...catching up on laundry and just enjoying each other.

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Annie said...

We miss our summer days too.