Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where is my energy?

Here's all about our week...well, since the last time I a glance.
Dakota is enjoying school. He was sent home the 2nd day of school due to an accident during P.E. He ran into another kid and busted his top lip. It bled for quite some time and he knocked one of his front teeth loose. It's still dangling, though....not quite ready to come out. He has done great the other days, so far!

Lily is enjoying having time with just mommy. She gets full access to Dakota's DS while he is at school and LOVES this privilege. She has been a good helper for mommy, too. But also a sneaky one. The above picture is Lily after she was sneaky and ate my last sugar free chocolate pudding!! :)

And Mommy...Here I am at 34 weeks 3 days! I'm getting to the miserable stage. Energy is zapped. Even coffee isn't helping. I could lie down all day if I was able.
We did get some news last week...Baby is weighing in at an estimated 5 lbs already....but baby is breech. She is sitting up in my lap. Bottom down, head up, and arms and legs facing my left if you could see through my belly with your x-ray would be looking right at you!! Baby definitely needs to turn head down. There is still time, though. The doctor said there will be another sonogram at 36 weeks to see if baby cooperated. I think she might have....I was feeling hiccups tonight...and it was all below my belly button! *fingers crossed*

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Annie said...

Kids are full of energy. I don't know how they do it, but it happens. At least, right now I need lots of energy, hahaha.

Great picture of you. Can't believe we are so close to meet Leia.