Thursday, September 15, 2011

36 weeks 4 days

Lily and Mommy...36 weeks

We are moving right along....slowly and with a slight waddle. :)

I am currently 36 weeks 4 days...Leia is STILL BREECH!! This child needs to turn already. If she was in position, I'm sure she'd be close to making her debut. The amount of contractions that I have had this week is vast! But we need her head down to make a difference. She was vertical (upside down the wrong way) she is diagonal...I'm waiting for her to pull out some fancy Jedi moves.

The Dr wants to give her 1 more week to get into position. If she's not at the next appointment, then we are going to schedule an External Cephalic Version --> In this procedure hands are placed on the mother's abdomen around the baby. The baby is moved up and away from the pelvis and gently turned in several steps from breech, to a sideways position, and finally to a head first presentation. I've heard it's painful, but most times, it works. Either way, it's worth a shot. I'd rather not have a c- section.

This past weekend was our baby shower. Leia received of variety of cute clothes, tutus, and blankets...and LOTS of diapers! :)

Lilyann...the big sister!

Personalized diaper bag

Super cute dress!! LOVE IT!

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Annie said...

Hope she turn soon.

You received a lot of great gifts for baby Leia.

Enjoy the weekend.