Monday, September 12, 2011

35 wks!

 Here's my Lilyann....she is really enjoying having mommy all to herself while Dakota is at school. Hope she doesn't get jealous when Baby Leia arrives (roughly 3 more weeks!!) Sitting on the porch having her yogurt after we dropped Kota off at school!

Here is Lily's latest art....she loves markers...and I let her have her fun with them til I realized that not all princess markers are created equal.....they aren't washable like the Crayola Markers...and I have proof on my coffee table :(

Mommy and Lily.....Here I am at 35 wks! I'm so ready for baby to be here...but I'm willing to wait a bit longer since baby STILL HAS NOT turned head down. She needs to get with the program already!!! So....offer your suggestions on how to get baby to turn...I'm all ears!

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Annie said...

Love Lilly's face, so cute!!

Wow, only three more weeks. Can't wait to meet baby Leia.

Have a wonderful week.