Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Head down and 2 weeks to go!

Lily with her "baby"

Me with the onesie/shirt Dakota made for Leia

yes! you read that title right!!
Leia has finally decided to cooperate and she is now head down. Way to make mommy and the doctor worry...I don't know when she turned. But on Monday evening, I swore she was re enacting "Empire Strikes Back". Contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and lasted for over an hour. Thankfully, they tapered off.

Tuesday was our appointment. It was originally scheduled for Thursday, but the office made a mistake and called me in yesterday...which was fine. It was a great appt, with even better news! :)

We are currently at 37 wks 3 days. Baby is doing good. Blood sugar stuff is going well...but blood pressure is a bit borderline.

We took the kids to a sibling class on Monday evening (before all the contractions started)...and they got a tour of the hospital and nursery, were taught how to swaddle a baby, change diapers, and got to do a craft for their new sister.

Lily not too thrilled to be holding baby

Learning to change baby's diaper

and learning to swaddle baby

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Annie said...

Thanks God!!! Can't wait to "meet" Leia.