Monday, September 26, 2011

38 wks

37 wks 3 days

We are officially 38 weeks pregnant!! and boy am I feeling like it!

Guess what I got today? An induction date! If Leia hasn't made her debut by Oct 3rd, then that's the day I am having her.

She is still head down (good girl!) and was a bit feisty today....her heart rate was a little high, so I was hooked up to the monitor for a while just to make sure ALL was okay.
I have 1 last sonogram on Friday to check baby's weight and my fluids. And depending on whether I am dilated anymore, I will either be admitted on Sunday evening or early Monday morning.
It's so nice to have an end in sight. :)

This momma is TIRED!

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Annie said...

Hope everything continues well. Try to rest and stay calm.