Thursday, April 11, 2013

astute observations

I can't get "assigned seating" at the table to work. I don't understand why.  
Growing up, Dad always sat at the head of the table, Mom beside him, myself beside mom, Marg beside me, Phil beside Marg (because that's where the high chair usually was), and then John. I don't remember much of the seating arrangements when all 8 children were still at home. But I do know that everywhere had their spot and knew it. 
Even now when I go home, there's a spot for everyone. Given, we are overrun by nieces and nephews, so it's easier to just do "assembly line" eating.

Talking about assigning seating...My kids seem to fight about which chair they will sit in EACH.AND.EVERY. meal time. We finally set assigned seats for them. Leia in her highchair or she can sit in my seat (depending on what is for breakfast..all other meals are in the highchair). But it never fails, the older kids try to tweak the system....hmmmm...wonder who they get that from?!

This morning, Lily didn't get to sit in the seat she wanted and of course, she was behind schedule. Which is fine because she doesn't go to school til noon. As I'm getting the Kota and Leia in the vanon this chilly morning, I turn around to call for Lily and she is standing on the porch steps crying. WHY?? She thought since she didn't eat at the table, she could take her bowl of fruit loops in the van....she spilled them going down the steps. Fabulous!! And of course, the devastation of lost breakfast set in.  Dakota's mentioning that the cat was going to eat all her cereal didn't make things easier. She's not a big fan of someone stating the obvious.  Which leads us to Dakota.  
He woke up this morning and informed me that when he has his own kids, I will be a granny!! Yay *eye roll*  that's definitely something I want to

It's all inevitable. There's no stopping it. We just have to roll with the split milk and obvious statements. They'll share us with jovial memories for those times when we wish we had all the craziness back. Whew! the coffee and passion flower kicked in fast today :)

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